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Our preparatory education is operated in 5-month cycles – and it is possible to join every year in February and September. Each cycle is leading up to a public showing and with an attendance of min. 75% a certificate is received for each completed cycle.

After taking part in our preparatory education a major part of the students has pursued further studies in our 3 year accredited dance education or at other institutions.


For our preparatory education no audition is required and it is open for both - students who are considering a career within dance as well as hobby dancers who would like to be acquainted with dance on a more intensive level.


Most of the teachers in our preparatory education are also teaching in our professional education and used to teach differentiated and goal oriented in order encourage individually yet maintaining the general educational and artistic goal.
The total fee for the program is € 1,600 (5 monthly payments of € 320 each).

The “first” monthly tuition fee is due fourteen days after signing the contract.

If the entire tuition fee is payed "in one sum" one week before the start of the program, a discount of 80.00 EUR (5%) is granted. The payment amount is then only 1,520.00 EUR.




Lessons are scheduled with two lessons per day, Monday to Friday from late afternoon.

5pm-6:30pm: class 1

6:45pm-8:15pm class 2

During the holidays the lessons do not take place.


Contemporary dance 2*/week

Modern dance 2*/week

Improvisation/Composition 1*/week

Ballet 2*/week

Jazz Dance 2*/week

Pilates/Yoga/FloorBarre 1*/week


The subjects might differ during the weeks but over the 5-month cycle the distribution looks more or less like this. In the last month of each 5-month cycle time is also spent for repertoire and rehearsal. The program ends with a public performance. Guest are very welcome.

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