Acting & Voice for dancers

During the last 3 weeks our students had the honour to get to know Harald Emgård with the learning block "Acting & Voice for dancers".

Getting to know an actors point of view on the expression and intention in choreographies and on stage gave important input for the development as contemporary dancers. The students also learned to use their voice and breathing as an additional tool.

Harald Emgård (reg. Speech-language therapist MSc.) has worked as a voice and speech teacher for more than 25 years at various theatres and opera houses in Sweden. His latest assignment was as Senior Lecturer and Head of Malmö Theatre Academy, University of Lund. Earlier he has taught at Balettakademien in Göteborg, The School of Theatre, Opera and Musical, University of Göteborg and Taipei University of the Arts. Furthermore has he worked with dance as a director and dance coach with 'acting for

dancers'. Among others at Skånes Dansteater, Malmö and Cloude Gate Dance Theater, Taipei.

Nowadays he mostly free-lance. Among is regular teaching/coaching is The Hanoi Academy of Theatre and Cinema and with Vietnam National Opera and Ballet. In Taiwan at Taipei Performing Arts Center and National Theatre. His teaching has taken him to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and New York. In the spring of 2022 his book Developing your Voice - from Personal to Professional

will be published at Methuen & Co, UK and later in the year it will be published in Mandarin at Bookman Books, Taipei.

Our Studio-Spy came into the classes and saved a few impressions for you! Check out the little video: