Finally time and space allow us to go on stage again and perform in front of an audience! This year's graduates and all other students of the main course of DANCEWORKS berlin present pieces by the renowned choreographers Heidi Weiss and Michael Langeneckert.


The students have worked in repertory projects with the two guest choreographers, learning and rehearsing the dance pieces. In the process, the students were able to gain valuable experience for their professional lives as stage dancers and prepare well for their performance exams in the theater.


Michael Langeneckert is a freelance choreographer and training director based in Freiburg, Germany. Most recently he worked for 3 years as Rehearsal Director at the Staatstheater Mainz. He received his training as a dancer in Freiburg and has since been active as a freelancer as well as at numerous city and state theaters in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In Freiburg he led his own freelance dance company Rebound Prod from 2001 to 2007. From October 2018 he works under his new label moving orchestra as choreographer and training director for contemporary dance/floorwork technic. He teaches internationally at numerous training schools, theater companies as well as open professional classes.


Heidi Weiss received her BFA in modern dance from the University of the Arts in 1992. From 1992 to 1996 she choreographed and performed with Group Motion, a Philadelphia based company. In 1997 she moved to Germany and founded Zen in theBasement Co. with Jennifer Mann. They have created many works together that have been shown in theaters and festivals in the EU and abroad. Heidi has taught various modern techniques for many years. She developed the Weissmann Technique * with Jennifer Mann, which she continues to teach successfully in workshops, festivals and at prestigious private schools and universities.

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Choreography: Heidi Weiss 

Dance: main studies (Förderklassen)

Music: Loscil: Equivalent 1, Deadbeat: Wolves and Angels,Loscil: Equivalent 6, Deadbeat: Punta de Choros


This piece was created for students of Folkwang University and will premiere in November 2019 at the Pina Bausch Theater in Essen, Germany.

The piece was revised for the students of DANCEWORKS berlin. Changes were made to the original choreography to comply with Corona regulations.


 "The truth is there are no circles at all, just as there are no triangles. Nor are there shapes and particles, only vibration. Small particles, which are not particles but slowed light, form the circle like the triangle.....Stability is an aberration. Every line breaks. A circle however is on movement and momentum. It arises because it wants to turn. Its envelope consists of momentum and chaos reigns in its center, thus its essence is indestructible."
- Robert Gwisdek ( The Invisible Apple )

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"SHIFT 3.0"

Idea and Choreography: Michael Langeneckert
Dance: Main course (Excellence class)

Music: Timber Timbre, Ambentum, Plastikman 


"The dream is the best proof that we are not so firmly enclosed in our skin as it seems."
- Friedrich Hebbel


What do we want? What do we need? What are we granted?

Our scope of action and movement is subject to constant change. Our urge for freedom, mentally and physically, is limited by many circumstances. Laws, family, responsibility towards the community, catastrophes, etc. The dancers of Danceworks Berlin are pushed to extreme physical limits in their movements. Infinite freedom as well as narrow limits, physically and spatially. The choreography illuminates the personal handling in these danger zones and the many strategies that we humans can and must develop again and again.


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