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DANCEWORKS berlin was founded May 6th 1986 as “The Association for the Advancement of Modern Dance”. Since then the school has become one of the most established schools in Berlin and many students have pursued a carrier within the field of dance upon graduating from the accredited 3-year professional education.

In 2018 DANCEWORKS berlin moved to the new location in Osram Höfe, Tanzraum Wedding. We are now housing in amazing studios with fantastic windows and special dance floor – offering both inspiration and optimal conditions for extensive dance training.  The outstanding studios are also frequently rented by established companies such as Sasha Waltz, Komische Oper and many freelance choreographer giving the students and staff a natural insight and connection to the vibrant dance scene of Berlin.


Under the directorship of Lars Anderstam the school has reinforced the educational perspective and is now exclusively offering 3 year accredited dance education and preparatory education.  The aim is, through a faculty with extensive artistic and dance professional experience, to strengthen employability and endorse future creative dance artists with a solid dance technical base.



Lars Anderstam was born in 1965 in Sweden and was schooled as a dancer at The Royal Swedish Ballet. He has his dance pedagogy diploma as well as advanced choreographic studies at the National college of Dance in Stockholm and studies of Dance Science at the University of Stockholm.

Through his experience as a dancer in various European companies with different choreographers and styles he already during his career as a dancer developed a keen interest in dance training and dance education. Lars has held positions as director and artistic leader at the Ballet Academy in Gothenburg and as dean at the National college of ballet and dance in Oslo. In Norway, he was leading the development of national educational programs for dancers, dance teachers and choreographers.

Since 2016 Lars Anderstam has taken over as educational- and artistic leader at DANCEWORKS berlin with the goal, with the students placed in the centre of the education, to train modern stage personalities who not only are capable meet the technical and artistic challenges of a modern and diverse dance scene, but also are able to convey it.


Miguel Cartagena - Ballett
Esther Cowens - Modern Graham
Marion Sparber - zeitgenössisch
Angela Fegers - Modern, Komposition
Anna-Lise Marie Hearn - Komposition
Yuko Matsuyama - Pilates
Raffaella Galdi - zeitgenössischer Tanz
Alessio Trevisani - Kontaktimprovisation
Jennifer Mann - Yoga, Modern dance
Luana Villaça - Jazz dance
Michael Langeneckert - zeitgenössischer Tanz
Michael Langeneckert ist freischaffender Choreograph und Trainingsleiter mit Wohnsitz in Freiburg. Zuletzt arbeitete er 3 Jahre als Rehearsal Director am Staatstheater Mainz. Er erhielt seine Ausbildung als Tänzer in Freiburg und war seither freischaffend sowie auch an zahlreichen Stadt-
und Staatstheatern in Deutschland, Schweiz und Österreich aktiv. Als Rehearsal Director und Tänzer arbeitete er mit Choreographen wie Sharon Eyal, Guy Nader and Maria Campos, Guy Weizman and Roni Haver, Koen Aug
Nadine Freisleben - zeitgenössischer Tanz
Stella Zannou - zeitgenössischer Tanz
Tina Hessel - Anatomie
Michael Shapira - Yoga
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