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3-YEAR PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION contemporary stage dance

Our professional education is clearly structured for students who want to pursue a carrier within dance. Building on the tradition of DANCEWORKS berlin it provides a strong technical base and supports development of the individual creativity in order to ensure the students being well prepared and attractive for the versatile scene of dance they meet after completing the education.

The faculty is formed of teachers with extensive artistic careers and supplemented with internationally acknowledged choreographers.  

The 3 years full time study program for "Stage Dance" with the main focus on contemporary dance is recognized by the Berlin Senate and registered as a “vocational school” in the school register of the State of Berlin.

The programme is frequently assessed by ”ZAV Künstlervermittlung TANZ” (”ZAV Placement Service for Performing Arts DANCE”), a part of the International Placement Services (ZAV) and belonging to the German Federal Employment Agency (BA). This strengthens the possibility for our graduates to find their way into engagements and employments at state theaters, established dance ensembles and within the free scene across Europe.

Former students have been engaged by a number of companies such as Tanztheater Wuppertal, Deutsche Oper Berlin, Oper Bonn, Theater Bern, Staatstheater Münster, Eliot Smith Company, Siciliano Contemporary Ballet, and Theater Nürnberg.  

Other of the alumni have pursued successful careers within dance pedagogic and are included in the faculties of other educations such as BalanceOne or are co-founders of Berlin Dance Institute.

structure AND CONTENT

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It is possible to start your studies with the winter semester (August or October) and summer semester (February or April).

With the advantage of the organisational structure of a vocational school and supplementary education the full study time is geared towards the purpose of professional dance training. The education provides skills, tools, experience and knowledge for the students in order to master the independent responsibility upon graduating for their individual progression, both artistically and technically when entering the diverse scene of dance as dance artists.

The subjects are structured as follows with a clear objective:

Main subjects/training subjects: in all subjects the focus is on strengthening physical skills for artistic performance, gaining professional stage experience and promoting individual potential. 

Supporting subjects: with the aim of supporting and strengthening the dancing body.

Theoretical subjects: theoretical knowledge as a foundation for an overall artistic understanding.


In this structure it becomes clear that performance and project are not only an implemented part in the education – but the goal and purpose of it. The school is therefore engaging teachers with an extensive artistic career who are able to teach and educate out of their artistic experience. 

During the education student participate in numerous performances and projects yearly, internal and external. Internationally acknowledged choreographers are engaged to ensure that the students get the professional experience required in order to enter the market upon graduating. In the past few years students from DANCEWORKS berlin have been exposed in external performances on venues like Theaterforum Kreuzberg, Admiralspalast, Werkstatt der Kulturen, TIPI am Kanzleramt, and Nordische Botschaften in choreographies from choreographers like Jan Pusch, Sigge Modigh and Alessio Trevisani. Next production is scheduled for September signed with Tim Rushton.


In the dance technical training within Training Subjects the students are being streamed and the lessons are being taught according to pre-knowledge, skills and ambition offering a unique possibility to support and forward the development of each student individually.  


The official language of the school is German but with an international faculty and students from all over the world lessons are mainly taught in English



The tuition fees for the basic studies and the advanced class are 2,520€  per semester (420€/month). For admission to the Excellence Class, a surcharge of 180€ (30€/month) per semester is levied.

The fees are payable in monthly instalments. 


A discount of 240€ (about 5%) is granted if the full tuition fee is paid (for one school year, i.e. two semesters). 

Additional costs are training clothes according to the dress code and literature.


DANCEWORKS berlin does not offer any accommodation, but we recommend searching for shared accommodation via social networks and the tried-and-tested online portals such as WG-Gesucht, eBay-Kleinanzeigen, ImmobilienScout etc.

Students must have valid health insurance during their studies. The price depends on whether the individual is working somewhere in addition to the studies in Germany or not.

Insurance can be made easily online or by phone call. For injuries during school time, the school is insured by the professional association.



The education is entitled to BAföG. How much BAföG a student can get depends on the parents' earnings. See also:;

Students who are in the last 24 months of training, can apply for an educational loan so that the graduation is not impaired by too many part-time jobs.

For further information see also: In addition, our students can purchase student tickets (trainee / Azubi-tickets with student ID II) from BVG for public transport. Link:

Parents in Germany are entitled to child benefit for their children in education up to the age of 25.

Students from abroad are often also entitled to financial support from their home country.



In order to be admitted to the program, you must successfully take an entrance examination (audition). The safety of the participants and compliance with the hygiene measures during the event are very important to us. For this reason, the number of participants is very limited during the corona pandemic.
The audition consists of the subjects ballet, modern dance and improvisation. Please be ready to show a solo (approx. 1 min) when asked. This is followed by a short conversation.
Please also send us a résumé with information on your previous dance experiences. In order to take the exam, you have to register online here. Registration costs 30 euros and 50 euros for the video option. You will receive all further information in a confirmation email.

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